The Couchsurfer – Part 1 – Bianka Nascimiento


Your buddy knows you all too well. See, he’s got this friend. This beautiful, busty, brunette friend with a rock-hard secret. She’s traveling through the country and needs a place to crash for the night, so he’s volunteered you for the job. The moment you open the door, you decide you’ll need to buy him a beer sometime. Bianka Mascimiento is a KNOCKOUT. Sexy, curvy, with perfect tits that are just begging to be squeezed. Once she takes those tight pants off, you’ll get to see her perfect cock that’s just begging to be sucked, too. Luckily, she’s the sort of girl to give you the chance to try! It’s a sexy, cum-filled experience from start to finish, and you’ll revel in the details of the high quality video and audio that will truly immerse you in this incredibly dirty little fantasy. Did we mention that Bianka might be staying with us a little longer…? Well, onto part 2, then!

Starring: Bianka Nascimiento


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