New Escort In Town (Part 2)


It’s only fair, right? Look, you bought the shemale escort, and now your girlfriend is upset with you. After all, what does Jonelle Brooks have that she doesn’t? Well, Natalie Cherie decides to go sulk in the shower, when your new purchase interrupts her to make her feel better. You only wanted to try something new, she tells her. It’s okay, she shouldn’t be so upset. So, Jonelle has an idea – a peace offering. She’ll fuck her while you have to watch. And watch you will! One of the hottest shemales in porn with one of the hottest female pornstars? You better believe that we can’t keep our eyes off this. It’s one of the hottest, sluttiest scenes you’ve seen and you get to experience the whole thing in virtual reality, sitting on the edge of the bed as these two ladies enjoy each other thoroughly. How hot are we talking about here? Imagine that Jonelle cums in Natalie’s mouth, who drools it out over her chest, and Jonelle licks up the mess. That’s right – it’s THAT hot of a scene. So what are you waiting for? Indulge your dirtiest fantasies with TS Virtual Lovers!

Starring: Natalie Cherie, Jonelle Brooks


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